Are you looking for a free and private venue for your club, church group or association to gather? Are you planning a business meeting for your company, non-profit or leads group? Are you organizing a family gathering? Well then we have the place for you!
You and your guests may order from our regular menu or let us work with you to cutomize a menu created specifically for your meeting or event. To view more information on The Egg & I Restaurants menu options click here.
You may now book our FREE* and private Meeting Room online for groups of 10 or more
at limited The Egg & I Restaurant locations in North Carolina and Texas!

Special Note: The online reservation program is currently a pilot program being tested in Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, Texas as well as Cary and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. To make a reservation for the Free Meeting Room at any of our other locations, please contact the restaurant directly by phone. You can learn more about our Free Meeting Room locations available throughout the U.S. by visiting The Egg & I Restaurants.

There is no charge for our free, private meeting room when 1) the guest count is 10 or more and 2) the total food and beverage purchase averages a minimum of $10 per person.

*Minimum food purchase required to reserve the meeting room.